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Different Cuisines of the World

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Questions and Answers

Do you agree that French cuisine reign supreme?

Among other cuisines in the world?

I'd think so.

Posted by .
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Chinese cuisine is very underrated in the Western world because it doesn't export well for a variety of reasons. I traveled around China, ate with Chinese in non-touristy places, and had the best meals of my life. Food was diverse, imaginative, colorful, healthy, expertly prepared, and different everywhere I went. Every ingredient that lives and grows, everything that is edible in any given area, may be used.

Japanese cuisine has only recently been given its well-deserved branding as one of the world's finest cuisines thanks in part to the Michelin guide writers, and to Chef Anthony Bourdain. Japanese chefs may train for many years just to prepare one thing, and then of course they become masters at that one thing. Some Japanese chefs can transcend the simple dish of noodles in broth into something extraordinary, some can do the same with just a piece of fish and some rice, and the list goes on. Remarkable.

French cuisine may reign supreme in the Western world, but I choose Japanese and Chinese in the whole world.

What does international cuisine mean?

I know it means "Food around the world" but I need a more complex and detailed answer. Cannot find much on Google.

Posted by LoopyMay
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International Cuisine means the different cooking of the world from around the world's many countries and nations. Each country has its own cooking/cuisine and each cuisine is an art in itself. Favorites cuisine are Italian, Caribbean, Portuguese, Indian, Southern, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, French etc. Most countries have a well-known or famous dish or ingredient that is associated with their cuisine. But what-ever cooking you try, it is always fun and enjoyment to savor dishes from so many different countries.

What makes north american cuisine different from other cusines around the world ?

Just want to know what makes it so different i know that there cuisine is heavily influenced by the other countries' cuisine but what makes it north american ? What sets them apart.positive answers only plz thank you!

Posted by Lost love
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There is no such thing as "North American cuisine". There are thousands of local cuisines in North America. Everything from Cajun gumbo to New England clam bakes to Inuits' traditional foods of seal and whale.

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Fude inspired Cuisine & wine bar – Best Winnipeg Restaurant

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Types of Ethnic Foods

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Questions and Answers

Whats your favorite type of ethnic food?

Posted by back to basics
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Chinese food!!!!

Next is Mexican!!!

Your favorite type of ethnic foods?

What is your favorite ethnic foods? Why?

Posted by Lamar
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Italian is my very favorite ! Why? Because of pizza , lasagna, spaghetti & meatballs italian beef sandwiches Italian sausage & peppers ravioli, toasted garlic bread& sticks,zucchini & italian sausage stew, Chicken parmesan, chicken cacciatore, eggplant parmesan ,Italian steak rollups(called brasciole in Italian) shrimp & linguine( scampi ), carbonara , panini, antipasto, provolone, mozzerella & parmesan cheeses,Italian salads & dressing , pasta salads biscotti,,Italian cream cake spumoni, cannoli , pizzelles the list goes on… Italian is # 1 when you see how much everyone loves Italian foods..the combinations of the ingredients & spices ,the passion , the aromas it all spells Italian. These foods are loved and cherished most everywhere .

What is your favorite type of ethnic food?

Posted by chemicalCourtney
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Asian food!!!!

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Cuisine Culture All Promo

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History of World Cuisine

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Questions and Answers

Mexican Wedding Cake history?

I dont need the recipe or what else they are called.I just need to know when and where they were used in mexican history.Thank you!

Posted by
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Mexican wedding cakes (or cookies):

According to several food history sources and cookbooks, Mexican wedding cakes and (aka Biscochitos/Mexico), Biscochos/Cuba, Kourabi‚des/Greece, Polvorones/Italy & Spain, Rohlichky/Ukraine and Sand Tarts, Sandies, Butterballs & Moldy Mice/United States) are a universal holiday cookie-type treat. This means this recipe is not necessarily connected to any one specific country. It is connected with the tradition of saving rich and expensive food (the richest butter, finest sugar, choicest nuts) for special occasions.

Food historians trace the history of these cookies and cakes to Medieval Arab cuisine, which was rich in sugar. Small sugar cakes with nuts (most often almonds) and spices were known to these cooks and quickly adopted by the Europeans. This sweet culinary tradition was imported by the Moors to Spain, diffused and assimilated throughout Europe, then introduced to the New World by 16th century explorers. Sugar cookies, as we know them today, made their appearance in th 17th century. About sugar. Recipes called Mexican wedding cakes descend from this tradition. They first appear in American cookbooks in the 1950s.

The cookie is old, the name is new. Food historians place the first recipes named "Mexican wedding cakes" in the 1950s and 1960s. Why the name? Our books and databases offer no explanations. Perhaps timing is everything? Culinary evidence confirms Mexican wedding cakes are almost identical to Russian Tea Cakes. During the 1950s and 1960s relations between Russia and the United States were strained. It is possible the Cold War provided the impetus for renaming this popular cookie. Coincidentally? This period saw the mainstreaming of TexMex cuisine into American culture.

What do you think is an interesting world history topic to do for a school project?

I dont know what do? It can be anything from WW2 to a certain cuisine.

Posted by lmao49
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The first aircraft, from the Wright Brothers invention until the eve Of WW1.
Alternatively, the first transatlantic filghts, from Alcock and Brown to Lindbergh would be a manageable topic, easy to research.
These have a world history dimension as they are not confined to just the USA.

What is the history of ojarascas?

Posted by kimberly
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You wanna know the history of Mexican Cinnamon Cookies?

Ojarascas (Mexican wedding cookies) – small round sugar cookies for weddings whose spices include anise and cinnamon actually have a HISTORY.

According to several food history sources and cookbooks,
food historians trace the history of these cookies and cakes to Medieval Arab cuisine.

Yes, I said Medieval Arabic cuisine.

Small cookies which were rich in sugar, made with nuts (most often almonds) and spices
This sweet culinary tradition was imported by the Moors to Spain, then introduced to the New World by 16th century explorers.
Considered a bit expensive and fancy they were served at only the most special of occasions and became Mexican Wedding cookies.


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Best Restaurants in Lisbon LXIII

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Countries with the Best Cuisines

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Questions and Answers

Other countries thoughts on American cuisine?

When you think of the cuisine of the United states, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Posted by Notorious
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I'm from England and have visited the USA on no less than 3 occasions.

I have to say American cuisine is influenced by many different cultures as it is to a slightly lesser extent here in England. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and German influenced cuisine such as hamburgers and hot dogs predominate in the US.

As an Englishman, I have never been able to finish a standard sized American restaurant portion. They serve twice as much as they do in England and at half the price of a standard sized English portion!!!
I take some of my restaurant meal home back in England but in the US, I find myself either sharing a meal with someone else or taking it home and making another meal from it later. And I thought I had a big appetite :O.

POLL: What country has the best food/cuisine?

Posted by Rumble In The Jungle
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Mediterranean countries; it's one of the healthiest foods. Italian is my favorite (REAL Italian food)

How do the neighbouring countries cuisine affect France's cuisine?

I'm doing a project on france and i was wondering if anyone has any idea how france's cuisine is affected?

Posted by SabrinaSkittle
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French cuisine is/was influenced by the vast properties that the French protectorate held. Moroccan and Algerian cuisine with their mixture of sweet and savory can be seen in French cuisine today.

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Top Food Critics Tell All! – Trade Secrets

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Countries with Great Food

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Questions and Answers

All About The Great Food Debate?

Let me preface this question by saying I do not endorse a particular brand of dog food.

Recently I've been thinking about dog food and how so many people have differing opinions about what is best for their dogs' health and well-being.

We used to feed our dog a mainstream pet store brand. He did fine on it. Then I learned that there were better foods out there that had better ingredients. We switched to a "premium" brand. He doesn't seem to have changed much from the food change, maybe a nicer coat.

Now I work at an animal hospital and I went to a seminar led by a prescription brands' veterinarians. Obviously they were biased but I couldn't help thinking that these foods can't be as bad as people would think. They also have a line of non-prescription foods that have been shot down by the critics as being one of the worst brands out there.

Then there are those that feed only raw. Dogs have been domesticated for hundreds of years now, so why the necessity for raw? Is it only for the lack of preservatives a raw diet consists of?

I guess I'm trying to figure out what, as a good dog owner, I should be feeding without compromising my dog's health and my marketing/ingredient naivete. I have no problem shelling out the big bucks for the top brands, but are they really all that spectacular?

What do you feed your dogs and why? Where did you learn about the food you've chosen? Have you seen a noticeable change in your dog's behavior/appearance if you have changed from one method to another like I did?

Posted by Sarah
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IMO…..feed what works for you & your dogs! If your knowledge leads you to believe the food you are feeding is a good quality food, AND your dogs are in good condition, then there is REALLY no reason to stress over it. Sometimes I think this topic gets way too much attention, and gets people in a huge tizzy over worrying they aren't doing right by their dog.

Raw diets are great….IF the person is responsible enough to take the time & effort into making sure the diet is properly balanced. It takes a good deal of research to know what you're doing and WHY. Not everybody SHOULD feed a raw diet, especially if they aren't committed to acquiring the proper knowledge.

Currently I feed Blue Buffalo to 2 of my dogs, because it is the best food I can find within a reasonable distance- 45 miles to the nearest city. One dog eats Blue Wilderness (grain free) which is a 120 mile one-way drive to acquire. Luckily she is 15 lbs so one bag lasts quite a while. I MAY switch to raw, but only because I live on acreage out in the country & it would be a lot cheaper to raise animals & hunt, and use that to feed my dogs instead of making the long drive.

Prior to "learning" about dog food brand differences, I had a Boxer who lived the first 6 yrs of her life on plain ol' Purina Dog Chow. She was healthy. But switching her to Nutro Natural Choice (not even "that great" of a food apparently) caused a significant improvement in her coat. She shed a LOT less, had less of a "doggy" odor, and her nails, which had previously been reddish-streaked and prone to splitting, grew in healthy and clear. I was impressed.

I fed Nutro for a while- probably close to 7 yrs. Never had a problem until the recalls- at the same time the recalls were in the news, my dogs suddenly got a week-long bout of severe diarrhea. Went away when we put them on chicken & rice diet….came back when we put them back on kibble. So bag went in the trash and I started looking for a new food.

I tried EVO and California Naturals before settling on Blue. It was easier to find- I was a long distance trucker, my dogs rode with me….and I could find a Petsmart or TSC a lot easier than I could find a specialty retail store with Innova products.

I noticed even more of an improvement in my dogs after making the switch to Blue. Less gas, less shedding, much softer coats. I was impressed yet again.

I am happy with Blue. People will tell you there are "better" foods out there. I'm sure there are, but I'm sure as heck not driving 240 miles every 3 weeks or paying outrageous shipping costs for home delivery just so my dogs can eat Halo or Orijen, when there are NO coat, condition, health or activity problems that need to be rectified!! I have seen dogs who eat the "better" foods and they are in the same good condition as my dogs. Why worry about it?

So moral of the story- do what works. If your dogs are healthy and happy, don't worry too much about trying to fix what ain't broken. :)

Why doesn't Monsanto spend millions telling the country how great GMO foods are?

Instead Monsanto spends millions to stop food labels from saying GMO in the ingredients? If GMOs are the new super foods that can save the planet from hunger, why not brag and tell the world how great they are?? Why not a huge ad campaign to tell about their benefits?? We have been eating them for 20 years now.

Posted by Nedspeak
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Because their GMO foods are poison both to you and the environment and they know it. That's why they pay politicians to be allowed to get away with it and to be allowed to poison you without letting you know. They're great friends with the conservatives of course because money talks with them.

Why do Great Value Foods not have country of origin?

It is my understanding that all canned foods should have country of origin..

Posted by rivercity
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You are mistaken about the law. The law only requires that the information be available in some form. It does not require specifically that it must be stated on the label. For some foods, you have to use the product identification number to look up the information or call a 1-800 number or you have ask the grocery (who may simply lie about it).

The sad fact is that the US government is extremely lack when it comes to laws governing foods. I have found in many instances in grocery stores where the sign said "product of US", yet the box the items came in clearly states it was from another country.

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Top Shanghai Cuisine – mei cai kou rou, hot and sour soup

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Countries with Good Food

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Questions and Answers

Countries without enough food?

Name a country doesn't have enough food to feed the whole population?
And why they don't grow.

Posted by Sue
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Many African countries of which Somalia is just one has a widespread shortage of food and people are dying from hunger every minute. One of the main reasons for this is that Somalia is in a severe drought and there is not enough water from rainfall or even in the water table to grow crops to feed the people. Due to Global Warming Africa is experiencing severe water shortages and lands that were once used to grow crops have changed into desert and the deserts of Africa are expanding very quickly. Besides the severe water shortage Africa also has a poulation of 1 billion people.

Which countries have the healthiest foods?

I know certain Asian countries have healthy foods such as authentic Japanese food but from a North American point of view (Canada, United States) if you were to go to a mall food court or a restaurant somewhere what type of cuisine would have the healthiest food? Somehow I doubt it would be Japanese or Chinese food if you went to your local North American Chinese buffet (a lot of deep-fried foods)…I could see if you went to an authentic place in Japan maybe. For example:

If I were to go to a mall food court and there was Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese and Greek foods which ones would be the healthiest?


What cuisines from around the world do you think are the healthiest that you can get in North America?
My local mall actually has two Japanese fast food places. One is A Teriyaki Experience which mainly serves a choice of chicken, beef or shrimp over a bed of rice or noodles and served with veggies and teriyaki sauce and the other place is Mac Sushi which is pretty self-explanatory…it serves sushi.

Posted by erinny2000
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Okay here's the deal:
any food you buy in a food court won't be healthy
the food there is meant to be simple without alot of technique
technique is crutical for food to be true to it's roots

let's say chinese….
There is no such thing as chicken balls in real chinese food
that is deepfried western crap

Hmm …burrito? Little donkey (literal translation) healthy? Perhaps but not true to culture

Greek dishes might be if not laden too much with oil…I doubt a food court would use primo olive oil

don't normally see Japanese food in the malls but my bet would be that would be the healtiest
seaweed salad
miso soup

the healthy part is your decision on what you want
even Subway can be unhealthy lol I know
i get Subway once every 6 months and it is always the BLT with 8 times the bacon on a half sub…..24 slices

the only time I have bacon
the only time I have Subway.

How many countries serve American food?

We serve food from all over the world, yet we have our "own" like hamburgers, hotdogs, steak and potatoes, etc.. Pizza is italian and Tacos are mexican. So what countries serve american food like we serve theirs?
I guess I know less about food than I thought.. Ive never seen asians indians arabs or russians eating steak dinners on Biography shows.

Posted by Ga®®idon™
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Most of countries these days have fast food chains serving pizzas and Chains like McDonald's, KFC. Most of these foods are altered to suit local taste or cultural needs like burgers in India contain chicken meat in place of beef.
There are few exclusive places in metros, which serve in authentic way.

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Top 10 Countries with Best Food

Cake, Tart, Fruit, Dessert, Mango - Free image - 110934

Countries with Best Food

Greens, Onion, Spices, Vegetables - Free image - 266560
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Questions and Answers

What country provides healthiest food to its people?

In today's times of processed food, pesticides, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, it's hard to find heathy food. Is there any country that provides healthy food to its people? Does Iran come to mind, since it seems a very righteous nation?
@Mr. Warrior: My point is that countries can make laws by banning pesticides etc. And my make strict laws against food adulteration. Asians eat healthy diet but there is a great of food adulteration too.

Posted by maddy005
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What country provides food to the people? Find out which one it is and I will move there.
All kidding aside, I don't know what kinds of foods people from Iran eat, so I really can not judge. I really don't know what food is eaten in those areas but I would say someplace that has allot of fish in their diet and vegetables. Little fried food. Maybe Japan? China? Korea? I'm not sure.

Pick a country with fabulous food!?

On the last Friday of every month, my boyfriend and I decided to set some time in the evening to cook dinner for each other. Every other month, he'll pick a country and cook a traditional meal and on opposite months, I'll pick. This month, he is doing Indian food. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. We'd like to stay away from American and Chinese food. (We've had A LOT of that.) We want to try new, exotic food and learn more about the world…
The suggestions are awesome! To the one with the really long one…I've tried a lot of stuff too. I'm one of those who love trying new things! Total opposite of my boyfriend unfortunately. I've had brain, chicken feet, every part of a pig and cow, squirrel, shark, squid, eel, octopus, you name it! Thank you for the suggestion! My boyfriend and I will definitely try them all out :)

Posted by Evey
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Honestly, I have traveled all over the world with the exception of the African Continent. I feel like Andrew Zimerman from the Travel Channel. I never turned down a dish, and there are few I just couldn't handle.

My suggestion is one my wife and I do each week and do that country for a month. We put the names of countries in a bowl, and draw a countries name for that month. Then one day of every week for that month we go on the internet and find recipes from that country, order the ingredients (mostly spices and seasonings) and do our best to prepare them. We work together in the preparation and that makes it a lot more fun and good times we spend together fixing something we have no idea of what we are about to eat.

What you must be careful of is trying to get some of the different meats to put into your recipe, like donkey, cat, dog, Guinea pig, parrot, etc., but you can substitute other meat for it.

Also, I bet there are several US dishes you haven't tried. Like brains and eggs, chitterlings, pickled pig's feet, crackling bread, tongue, wild game like elk, buffalo, deer, quail, pheasant, rattle snake, alligator, raccoon, possum, squirrel, rabbit, just to name a few, and the list can really go on. Drop me a line if you need recipes, I've got tons of them. You really should try these. Plus the meats are available online.

How do different countries foods represent their cultures?

Posted by Zoe
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To distinguish between different countries food to represent their cultures or cuisine is how the individual countries prepare their food. All the countries may use for example chicken or beef etc. Which is a common ingredients, but mostly the spices they use to cook the chicken, the condiments used to make the sauces/gravies they chose to use, the method of cooking, etc will determine the differences to represent their culture and ethnicity *

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Breakfast, Dinner, Egg, Food, Fresh - Free image - 21707

Best Food in the World

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Questions and Answers

How did mushrooms enter the food world?

To me, this is one of the most discusting foods ever.

The first time i had one was at a restaurant (6 years old at the time, 1986) . The waitress brought us a basket with breaded mushrooms. I had thought they were chicken nuggets, (that's what they looked like). I bit into one hoping for the good chicken nugget taste…. No… No… No… I thought it to be a chicken nugget not cooked very well. I went into the bathroom and started vomiting in the toilet. It was fried mushrooms.

Every once in a while foods with mushrooms would appear in my plate, on pizza, tuna casaral, etc…

I keep thinking… "how did this food enter the food world?"

Posted by It's Slime Time
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Long ago in when primitive man roamed the earth we found that mushrooms could be eaten. Many people like mushrooms, and primitive man with tastbuds unspoiled by the convenience foods of today probably thought they were great.

Any ideas for Old World foods?

I'm doing a Social Studies project and I need to make a menu that uses only ingredients native to the Old World (Europe, Asia, Africa) before the Columbian Exchange. Please help!

Posted by Owen
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Extracts taken from the food timeline, and where food crops originated:-

Old world foods:-

Beets, Broccoli, Carrots, Eggplant, Lettuce, Okra, Onions, Peas, Radishes, Wheat and Yams.

Before Columbus made his journey, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, and other exotic spices came to Europe from Asia. Using overland caravans, a relay of merchants brought the spices to ports on the Mediterranean Sea which were controlled by Venetian merchants. Increasingly powerful monarchies in Spain, France, England, and Portugal wanted to cash in on the lucrative spice trade. To do so, however, they had to cut out the middlemen's profits and trade directly with Asia.

Consequently, they financed the voyages of Columbus and other explorers to find sea routes to Asia which they would control.

No one knows when herbs were first collected in the wild or planted in gardens, but Egyptian records dating back to 2800 BC show herbs were being prescribed as medicine, and being used for food, cosmetics, perfumes, and dyes. Some herbs were thought to contain magical powers! Herbs were brought from the Mediterranean to the Orient and then to Europe. These herbs were then brought to the Americas.

Theres a lot more specific food types in the food timeline, links are in sources.

When is world food day?

Posted by Roop
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The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day each year on 16 October, the day on which the Organisation was founded in 1945. The World Food Day theme for 2006 is "Investing in agriculture for food security".

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Top Food and Drug Seagull Commercial

Flower, In The Shadow, Shadowy - Free image - 193588

Top 10 World Cuisines

Lion, Panthera Leo, Lioness - Free image - 341717
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Questions and Answers

Top restaurants in Chennai?

What are the top five restaurants in Chennai (all cuisines appreciated)? Looking specifically for best North Indian, South Indian, Thai and Mexican? I have been in all four regions so I have a good idea of what is authentic based on the people who live there. But I am struggling to find authentic (besides South Indian food) foreign cuisine in Chennai. I love South Indian food, but would like some variety once in a while. Please offer up your reviews based on food taste, presentation, menu offerings, cleanliness, ambiance and professionalism of staff.

Posted by bscoleville
[display_name id=”1″]

Any time at the GRT Grand Days (September 24, 2002)
The restaurant has a very extensive menu, since it covers almost every possible popular cuisine from all over the world. Some of the exclusive south Indian dishes…

Gem of a restaurant (July 20, 2002)
As one enters the lobby, one notices the impressive velvet-coated furniture with a cute little 'tweety' table lamp.

Vasanta Bhavan – Food Waves (July 21, 2001)
Vasanta Bhavan – Food Waves, ideally located on Nungambakkam High Road, is a multi-cuisine air-conditioned vegetarian restaurant…

The Canton – Chinese Restaurant (June 23, 2001)
The restaurant also takes up outdoor catering and provides home delivery service at 5% extra.

Feast Inn – vegetarian delight (March 2, 2001)
Feast Inn hopes to create a chain of high quality vegetarian restaurants and fast-food joints without compromising on ambience.

Unlimited biriyani and coffee offer from Chola Sheraton (February 22, 2001)
Unlimited biriyani and coffee offer from Chola open up to March 4th.

Cilantro, the Global Cuisine Restaurant at Le Royal Meridien (January 23, 2001)
The theme buffet at dinner is very popular and usually exceeds the orders a la carte. It features a particular kind of food on each day of the week…

The Other Room at Hotel Ambassador Pallava (January 16, 2001)
The food is surprisingly well-cooked; surprising, because regular customers rarely mention it, perhaps because they have grown accustomed to it.

Oriental Pearl, the Far-Eastern Cuisine at Hotel GRT (January 09, 2001)
This writer would like to recommend Ying and Yang Prawns and Lamb with Broccoli in oyster sauce, for the Chefs seem to excel at preparing lamb.

Dahlia, the Japanese Restaurant (December 12, 2000)
Japanese food is meant to taste natural so it contains little or no spice


Italian Treat at Chola (August 17, 2002)
Tasty pizzas, nourishing pastas, delightful Tiramisu, Bread soaked in delicate extra-virgin olive oil with the lingering and heady flavour of toasted garlic.

Vero Italian treat (August 05, 2002)
Cattaneo attributes his success to the wide variety of Italian dishes cooked and served in the most natural and hospitable way.

The Whistle Stop Cafe (April 04, 2000)
The diner might wish for an appropriate wine to go with the meal, but the Whistle Stop Cafe does not serve any.

Gallopin' Gooseberry – (Oct 10, 1999)
All you staunch patrons of Fruit Shop would not have missed this new American Italian eatery, christened Gallopin’ Gooseberry (don’t ask us why!)

Bella Ciao Pizzeria and Salad Bar (June 6, 2000)
'Bella' means "beautiful' and 'ciao' is what Italians say when meeting with or parting from others.


Discover the Orient in Chennai – (Sept 24, 2002)
The diverse cuisine selected from different countries of the Far East does justify its lovely name ‘Oriental Pearl’.

A Date with Rangis – (Sept 07, 1999)
A simple homely ambience greets you as you step into Rangis’, a small Chinese Restaurant on Nungambakkam High Road. No Chinese décor, no colourful lampshades hanging from the ceiling or the regular Chinese works here. Simple decor and tasty food seems to be the motto at Rangis’.

Southern Chinese, the pioneer Chinese restaurant (November 14, 2000)
The food is cooked to appeal to the South Indian palate, and so is far more spicy than Chinese food is meant to be.

Wang¹s Kitchen, Egmore (Sept. 12, 2000)
Eating here is serious business. The victuals are meant to be properly savoured and appreciated.

The Canton – Chinese Restaurant (June 23, 2001)
The restaurant also takes up outdoor catering and provides home delivery service at 5% extra.


Kyung Bok Gong, Korean Restaurant (July 11, 2000)
The most popular foods are pork, beef, seafood and Korean cabbage, usually accompanied by rice

Arirang Korean Restaurant (Sept. 26, 2000)
Korean food is not as spicy as Indian food, but the Korean chilli can give the unwary a nasty bite.


Don Pepe – the American Food Restaurant (June 13, 2000)
Don Pepe opened in 1997 and quickly earned a reputation for the authentic taste of its fare. In 1998 it won the National Tourism award for excellence.


Fresh off the southern coast – A Seafood Restaurant (Nov 29, 2000)
Seafood from only the southern coasts are being served up at Taj's speciality restraunt.

Catamaraan – A Seafood Restaurant (April 25, 2000)
If one has trouble in making a choice, look to the Chef for advice, for behind Bardhan¹s disarming smile lurks a finely-honed talent.

Please let me know the top 10 places to visit in USA on a road trip?

I plan a road trip with my friends starting from New York City. It will be helpful in my planning.

Posted by JK
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Los Angeles, California. This second largest city in the entire United States is also the biggest metropolitan area on the west coast. If you wish to see celebrities or at least check out their homes, this is the place to go. You can visit Hollywood, the movie capital or Beverly Hills where movie stars live. L.A. Has a favorable subtropical climate with many white sand beaches. Some scenic spots there include the Big Sur coastline, the alpine beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the awesome Mojave desert.

San Francisco, California. Though smaller than Los Angeles with no beaches, San Francisco offers more great sceneries. This hilly place is famous for its Golden Gate bridge and historic cable cars. Victorian houses also line up the hillside streets and overlook a huge blue bay surrounded by mountains. The bay area, as it is often called, also features the crookedest street and a Chinatown.

Las Vegas, Nevada. This city boasts of being the adult entertainment capital of the world with the existence of so many casinos. Experience different forms of gambling here as well as world-class entertainment. Las Vegas also features grandious architecture from the giant pyramids of glass, multi-colored fantasy castles, replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the New York skyline. The place is also near other natural scenic spots like the Grand Canyon Zion and Death Valley.

Orlando, Florida. Orlando is the biggest entertainment center for the family in the whole world. There’s Disney World, the largest and most famous amusement complex as well as the Universal Studios, Sea World, Wet and Wild and other attractions the whole family will enjoy. Tropical beaches also abound in Florida plus visitors can enjoy golf and tennis in various locations.

New York City. Who can ever miss the Big Apple, the biggest metropolitan center in the U.S. Its famous tourist spots include the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, United Nations, museums, Broadway theaters, Times Square, Central Park and shopping as well as nightlife districts. New York is the city that never sleeps owing to the varied entertainment offered nightly at nightclubs, bars, theaters and sports centers. The city’s museums, art galleries and concert halls offer various cultural attractions as well.

Hawaii. Though small as it may be, Hawaii is a great place to visit. Consisting of a string of volcanic islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a tourist’s paradise what with its great weather all year round, wonderful beaches with awesome surf and scenery. The place has been a favorite haven for couples on a honeymoon and very ideal for swimming, tanning, surfing, fishing, boating, golf and tropical adventure.

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona should not be missed. A natural wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon is 1,500 meters deep and more than 20 kilometers wide by 150 kilometers long. The Canyon’s interior features a wide maze of multicolored mesas, cliffs and headlands that contain smaller canyons. The interior can be reached by hiking or riding on mules down the trails. The continuous play of sun and shadow on the rock layers creates an awesome display.

Washington, D.C. The capital of America is a very interesting city to visit. Washington D.C. Has various tourist attractions such as its numerous monuments, museums and public parks that include the White House, the U.S. Capitol and other government buildings. These places can be visited free of charge so there’s no need to worry about your budget. The city also has great ethnic restaurants for your dining pleasure.

New Orleans, Louisiana. The home of jazz music, New Orleans is a blend of the Spanish and French culture with influences from Afro-American and the Carribbean. Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, this city is renowned for its jazz music, wild nightlife and Cajun cuisine. Who could also forget its famous weeklong Mardi Gras festival celebrated every February.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. This national park features a huge collection of geysers, hot springs and thermal phenomena in the entire globe. Bisons, elk, bears and wildlife abound in this huge national park. Its wilderness can easily be reached from the roads and visitors can get a chance to have close encounters with wildlife. Yellowstone is located near the Grand Tenton National Park, the Rocky Mountains and the open spaces of Montana.


The best sandwich in the world?

What is the best sandwich.

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Many replies: none detailed enough

Sandwich In The World Recipes

Top 10 from the web!

Recipes under 30 mins!

Watch video to learn!.best sandwich in the world recipe on Yahoo! Recipe

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best sandwich in the world recipe on Yahoo! Video Search

How to Make the… Duration: 10:04 | YouTubeRe: Youtube… Duration: 4:01 | YouTubeThe Best Recipes In… YouTubeBest Sandwich in the… Duration: 2:19 | YouTube

Search results

The Best Tuna Sandwich In The World Recipe

Search Inspiration. No idea what to search for? Start browsing till you find something. Homemade ranch dressing recipe; fried shrimp recipe; hot crab dip


Recreating the “Best Sandwich in the World” | Unbreaded

… A New York Times writer proclaimed a bocadillo from a Café Vienna on Las Ramblas as the best sandwich in the world. … Chef vegetarian Video weekend recipe …

Http://…/recreating-… – Cached

The best sandwich ever? | Life and style |

What's your favourite sandwich and how precise is the recipe … In spite of producing some of the world's … My best sandwich combines all of these … ( 274 Comments )

Http://…/apr/07/how… – Cached.

Best Sandwich in the World – General Chowhounding Topics …

Best Sandwich in the World Howdy … I can't vouch for the authenticity of this recipe … Best sandwich though is either roast beef or oyster po-boy.


Sandwiches of the World: 2000s Recipes + Menus : Http://

These 12 delicious recipes show you why so many cuisines around the globe have some version of the sandwich. Subscribe. RECIPES … More 2000s Recipes + Menus.


Best Sandwich Recipes – Classic American Sandwiches …

Best Recipes; Recipe Search; Parties & Entertaining; Weddings; Local Foods & Activities; Favorite Food; Holiday Food; Homemade Soup Recipes. Warm up with a one-dish dinner.

Http://… – Cached.

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Cuisines of the World

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Questions and Answers

Why isn't Italian among the Grand Cuisines of the World?

In addition to the 3 grand cuisines that are French, Chinese and Turkish.
Oh hello? This is a compliment. Not an insult.
Amazing how this question can be misinterpreted. Thanks Allan D for giving the only sensible answer.

To those questioning the source, I first knew about this from reading article in a local newspaper – an interview with a respected French chef. It is also widely quoted in most Turkish recipe books such as in these links:
Also, just found a discussion thread on it

Please DO NOT RANT or INSULT as you know, it is against Y! Answer regulations. If you got an ego problem, please deal with it privately.

To Lara, I gave you a chance to edit your words but you didn't. Now lets take a look at your profie – 2475 answers and over 11,600 points in 20 months. That's almost like have a part-time job at Y!A and you want to talk about getting a social life? I looked up your answers and found so many one-line TROLL answers. Geez..

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Italian and French cuisine are often very similar as per ingredients, cooking methods and dishes. Northern-Italian cuisine especially has a strong influence from France. South Italian cuisine in the other hand has Turkish, Spanish and Arabic background. It is probably true that Italian cuisine has developed from other nations through the centuries due to colonialism, therefore cannot be considered one of the Grand Cuisines of the World. Surely is one of the most popular and appreciated in the World.

Favorite world cuisine?

Mine is a toss up between Indian, Thai, or Middle Eastern.

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I love vietnamese and French cuisine.
Vietnamese ( firstly because I am from viet nam), but it's really delicious, fine and not too much spicy ( you can add up to your taste, so more independance). The most famous plates are NEM ( made from porc, vimicelli, mushroom, and rice paper…), PHO( a soup made of beef and rice pasta)… But If you have chance to go to Vietnam, you can discover many plenty of other dishes.

Frech, french cuisine is exellent. From fat duck liver ( Froie gras), to duck breast ( magret canard), to frech sausage…,
the must is french bread and cake
So yummyyyyyy.

Whats the best cuisine in the world?

Dont judge a cuisine just by only 1 good dish it must name atleast 5 top dishes your cuisine of choice has and why you think its the best in the answer gets 5 stars! My personal favorite cuisine is mexican,and for the record im a white american so you know my pick is not biased! There are literally hundreds of great tasting mexican dishes depending on the region..but my top picks are 1.chilorio filled tamales with frijoles puercos,2.oaxacan style mole,3.posole,4.aguachile,5.tacos al pastor..there are dozens of more mexican dishes i love and authenic mexican food is 1 of the reason i have a mexican wife..ive tried all cuisines of world and my personall opinion is there is no comparison..authentic mex food is the best tasting and its cheaper than other cuisines..just ask rick bayless whats the best cuisine!

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Brazilian cuisine is the best in the world in my eyes.. Its not very well known, but really good.. The Brazilians season everything to perfection.. Ok here goes..
1) Feijoada (Black bean stew)
2) Moqueca (Fish)
3)Caldo Verde
4) Picanha (Brazilian bbq) that also goes with Vinagrette and farofa..mmmm
5) Coxinha (chicken)

there are so many more i could list, especially sweets because the Brazilian sweet dishes are to die for as well.. They use a lot of condensed milk, which yeah is very bad for you but GOD how good is it;?!!

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